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June 15 2017

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rogue one + scenery


i love when people ask me “what are you anxious about” like…….about??? you think this is based on reason? rationality? never heard of that

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Rey + locations: Goazon Badlands

A region of broken land and low hills on Jakku, the Goazon Badlands lies between Niima Outpost to the east and Kelvin Ravine to the west, and is bounded to the north and south by the Sinking Fields and Carbon Ridge, respectively. A trail known as the Pilgrim’s Road leads across the badlands. The Goazon is a harsh, forbidding place, with little vegetation or water.

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i know its the mets, but this is the coolest shit i’ve ever seen a human being do


Smoove with it too 

This is the kind of shit you see in anime that shows that a certain character is stronger than other characters. 

“Pathetic.  You can’t even hold the bat you dare step to the plate? Have you no respect for the sport?”

reminds me of this gif

Baseball players are to be feared

Reblogging for the last one

^Same for me

They just kept getting progressively more “woah”

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when i realized this was an actual ad and not some top tier shitpost i almost had a fucking stroke



I can’t believe I actually lived though the full transition from VHS to DVD. Like there are people alive who have never seen a VHS tape….I remember when we were still tryna figure out how the fuck they got a full movie onto a cd. 

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Scientists invented fabric that makes electricity from motion and sunlight. To create the fabric, researchers at Georgia Tech wove together solar cell fibers with materials that generate power from movement. It could be used in “tents, curtains, or wearable garments,” meaning we’d virtually never be without power. Source

Y'all are fucking idiots. Clean energy will NEVER be enough to replace the energy we have now. We’d have to tear down DOZENS of forests just to fit enough windmills and solar panels to get even a QUARTER (probably less, tbh) of the energy we can produce now.

Yeah, sure, when they’ve already calculated that a few square miles of panels in the empty ass Arizona desert could power the whole nation. But ok, fracking and the diminishing petroleum supply is worlds better.

Nevermind that windmills are often most efficient off the coast. There they take up no land, impact no trees, don’t pollute the water, and are conveniently located where winds are often strongest anyway.

And solar panels can literally be built into roofs of buildings and in empty areas like deserts. The sun strikes the Earth with the same amount of energy in an hour that our civilization uses in a year.

But yeah, it would be impossible for us to ever have enough energy from clean sources.

Durr hurr technology is bad and I would rather light shit on fire than have clean energy

I can also testify to the Arizona desert being empty ass. And the California desert. And the Nevada desert. 

also…no forests were cleared to make space for Denmark’s windmills and yet they regularly produce so much power that it covers almost all of the country’s power needs. Oh, and then there’s the times when the windmills generate 140% of Denmark’s power needs.

Friendly reminder that oil pipelines are a scam.

The fact that anyone can believe a limited amount of dinosaur oil is more plentiful and efficient than moving air or fucking sunlight is proof that entire populations can be completely brainwashed.

Turns out it’s international day of latex today

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I’ve decided I’m only going to answer my dads texts with pictures of Ben Wyatt

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And so it begins.

Fuck the Tories and fuck the DUP.

I hope the DUP trolls them and only supports them when they only do what they want to do so the torries can’t pass any of their austerity agendas. 

The DUP will vote hand in hand with austerity so long as they get some policy thrown there way.

Like anti-LGBT or anti-abortion policy.

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With this level of incompetency we’re lucky the Brexit negotiations don’t start in a matter of days…oh wait…fuck

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Sinn Féin believes that a coalition with the DUP violates the Good Friday Agreement. It looks like they could be right.

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I would wonder why everyone involved seems hellbent on turning this whole thing into as much of a circus as possible, but they are who they are.

And who they are are dangerous idiots.


18 years ago a man walked into a school in Dunblane, Scotland with four handguns and killed 16 students all under 6 years old, a teacher and then himself.

This led to a debate on gun control and in 1997 2 firearms amendment acts were passed making it illegal to own a handgun for personal use in the United Kingdom.  We have had no shooting on a similar scale to this since.

6 weeks later in Australia was the massacre in Port Arthur when 35 people were killed and 23 wounded, which led to the imposing strict gun control. There have been no shootings on a similar scale to this since, either.

If I hear one more person tell me that there’s nothing that can be done in the US when there are massacres after massacre I will scream because it is so clear and people are pretending to be blind.

Orange Order asks DUP to use banned sectarian march in negotiations with Theresa May


What a horribly poisonous can of worms working with the DUP has opened with the likes of the Orange Order taking it upon themselves to wade in at all, but demanding the return of marching through a murder scene where three young children lost their lives at the hands of loyalists? Disgraceful. 

Snippet of Potential Strategy



What we expected has happened. Headlines every see this as a devastating blow against independence. It isn’t. The election was to decide whether Tory or Labour governed the UK.

Seats across Scotland seem to have faced a concentrated unionist strike to unseat SNP MPs and this is shown from the huge amounts of LibDems and some Labour crossing to Tory to oust them.

I’m an SNP member but I don’t always agree with everything they do. What I would like to see now is for Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson to create an independence think-tank.

What the case for independence needs is solid facts and researched plans. The SNP do tend to rely on their boots on the ground activists to win votes. This strategy has worked for some time but it can only take the SNP so far.

I joined the SNP because I’m pro-independence. It’s the thing that incentivises me to campaign for them. If they make the mistake of withdrawing this, even for a short period of time, it will take a good chunk of people with it.

If Salmond and Robertson head up a think-tank then that would free Nicola up to ‘focus on the day-job’ and cut away that dig that unionists have.

Independence can’t be one with SNP alone. We need a labour vision for independence, a LibDem for vision for independence. And yeah, even a Tory vision for independence.

It’s also important to note that even with the concentrated unionist voting to “send the message that we don’t want another referendum,” nearly 60% still voted SNP, so by the terms the unionists set down themselves, a strong majority DOES want another referendum.

Move to Scotland!


I’ve received plenty of anons over time with people considering a move to Scotland and I’ve always been pretty oblivious to how to actually do it.

So I’ve decided to dig up some sources for those who are looking. This source is a general overview that tails off into more specific areas.

I also found this source for those with accessibility needs looking for a home in Scotland.

Please know that I’m not an expert on the procedure but hope these two sources can point people in the right direction (if they were even being remotely serious)

DUP asked ScotGov to stop gay NI couples marrying in Scotland




We said no.

A satisfying time to hear “we said no and we meant it.”

Also when Scottish government (minus Tories) condemned the rape clause.

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